april 20 walk. t-max 100. diafine #45.

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I walk several days a week. This walk was in the area of West Olympia. I had the Nikon N75. with the 28mm 1:2.8D Lens attached. The images were shot at box speed.

The first image of the Coke can was taken on a busy street in the early morning. My film camera has no flip screen, so I needed to lie on the ground to capture this angle. I do this often in my work, and sometimes people stop to see if they can assist an old man who obviously is in distress.

5 Replies to “april 20 walk. t-max 100. diafine #45.”

  1. We had patients go home on discharge with alert alarms if they fell and couldn’t get up again. Just saying. 😊 Capturing a decent angle can turn you into a contortionist sometimes can’t it? All the best.


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