trees. forest service road 2361. kentmere 400. diafine #52

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These images were created along Forest Service Road 2361 in the Olympic National Forest. The area was once heavily logged, but since the 1980s, the area has been left to return to its natural state.

The trees are beautiful, and each is unique amid their growing chaos.

I shot the images with the Pentax 645, with the 150mm 1:3.5 Lens attached. The Diafine Developer is very cloudy but is still working. I scanned the images with the Epson V850 flatbed scanner using VueScan software.

One Reply to “trees. forest service road 2361. kentmere 400. diafine #52”

  1. Love the light dapple on the trunks. Their history is captured and that is important. The woodland at the back of our village was compromised. Some guy, who had bought a part of it, started to cut the trees down without permission. Wanted to clear it for a ‘caravan park’. He was stopped pretty sharpish by the villagers reporting it. Many ancient deciduous trees were lost. Your close up photographs provide an intimate record. Even though it has been left to come back in the way you stated. Here in the UK they are looking at current farming methods of stripping out hedgerows, intense grass cutting to feed livestock, etc. Wildlife is being affected badly. Great images as always. Still amazed at the longevity of the Diafine even though cloudy. All the best.


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