1619 400tx class f8898-editI have gone back to school. The school is at Photographic Center Northwest (http://pcnw.org/). I am taking a class this quarter on black and white photography that will introduce me to darkroom printing and the nuances involved. I have developed my black and white film for a year. Now, I will learn to also print, instead of scanning and using an inkjet printer, my negatives using an enlarger. We have a photo assignment each week. The first assignment’s goal was to help us learn the basics of exposure and reciprocity by having us set our aperture to F8 on our cameras, using only shutter speed to change the exposure. The class will only shoot Kodak 400TX. We then develop the film in D76(1:1) for 10 minutes @20C. I am using the Nikon FM2 and the Nikkor 50mm 1:2 Lens. Normally I shoot with a minimum shutter speed of 1/500th of a second to freeze motion, but there was not enough light so I used slower shutter speeds. I did get some blur in some of my images but I was able one way or another to capture a few usable images.1619 400tx class f8910-edit

1619 400tx class f8908-edit

1619 400tx class f8902-edit1619 400tx class f8922-edit1619 400tx class f8924-edit1619 400tx class f8925-edit1619 400tx class f8900-edit

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  1. What a nice resource to have available, especially because it seems film friendly. Albuquerque and UNM achieved some distinction in Photography’s past, but today the school’s photography program has very little connection to the wider community.

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