auditioning the nikon n90s.

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I always have at least one autofocus SLR for my film work. I started with the Nikon F100. I knocked over the tripod with the camera attached, and it has not worked since. I then bought the Nikon F4. I had a complete service done on it, used it for a year, and then it stopped working. I have no idea what is wrong. I then acquired a Nikon N75, a camera that I love and mechanically works excellent but scratches my negatives. I needed another camera and one that would not be expensive. I found the Nikon N90s on KEH at $70 at Bargain Condition. At KEH, a camera is still in good shape with that designation. It arrived a couple of days later. I loaded 4 AA batteries, a roll of 100Tmax, and took the camera out on a damp and cool day near my home. I am hoping to get a year of use out of the camera.

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