senior day. capital lakefair. July 15. 400tx.

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I will be 71 next week. I was born into a large family. 6 boys, 1 girl, and 2 tired adults. My brothers and I spent most of our time on the streets playing baseball.

Then I grew up, got married, and my wife and I raised 3 sons.

Now I am retired. My body has started to tell me that I am no longer the kid playing in the streets.

Now I go to events that feature Seniors. Olympia has a Fair every Summer. One day of it is planned to highlight events dedicated to Seniors. Live music, games, and booths dealing with issues Seniors live with daily.

When I was young, I thought about the future all the time. Now I focus on today.

These images were created with the Pentax 645N, loaded with Kodak 400TX. I developed the film in HC-110(B) for 4 minutes @20C.

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